• Beware of the Shiny Object Syndrome

    With a myriad of MarTech tools available, it is easy to get tempted to go ahead with a tool that seems good in solving one specific problem. A common mistake is to invest in a set of individual siloed tools that an organisation tries to get to work together that ultimately results in a mess. While innovation is a key driver for success in this space, the pressure to innovate can sometime lead to falling in the trap of the latest hype. Constant organisational changes could also lead to new decision makers looking for a new magic wand to steer the company to the next level.

    While there could be more such reasons for falling in the trap of the “Shiny Object Syndrome”, the result is almost always a disparate set of high valued tools not integrated with each other with overlapping features and limited features being understood and used. While it may not be difficult to find “any” tool that solves the immediate business problem, it is imperative to select the “right” stack that is aligned to the strategy and which fits the budget.

    It is essential with Martech to overlook trends and excitement around tools and to keep focused on the basics of marketing - how does the tool help drive customer delight? How does the tool empower your team to work more efficiently and effectively? How does the tool help deliver business results?

    Kalpit Jain,

    Group CEO, Netcore Cloud.

  • Let us look at some of the key imperatives in the decision-making process.

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