• Selection of the MarTech Tool Stack

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply head to Google, search for “MarTech stack tools” and be handed a ready-made collection of tools for us to plug in and get started with?

    Sadly, in business, we know things are never this easy. The tools you need for your marketing stack will always depend on the strategy and goals you’ve defined for growth.

    Here are the four key points to consider when investing in and selecting your MarTech stack.

    Do not try to get answers to all your questions before embarking on your MarTech journey.

    Get the most important questions right and allow some space for experimentation and learning along the way.

    Vivek Agarwal,

    Group Executive President, Chief Marketing Officer, UltraTech Cement Ltd.

    MarTech Roadmap:

    Before you start evaluating solutions, outline your goals.

    Here are few examples to help you understand the principle-centred approach to your objectives:

    Create innovative “Customer First” digital experiences
    Improve speed to market
    Foster cross-functional team collaboration
    Design a vision for a unified customer view
    Make intelligent, data-supported decisions
    Quantify marketing spend (ROMI, return on marketing investment)
    Make sure that you’re compliant with data regulations, such as the GDPR, Personal Data Protection Bill
  • MarTech implementations are tough for any business, but a thorough selection process, extensive planning and regular communication along the way will ensure success. The below table provides you the maturity levels and an indicative stack level maturity for an organisation to move from internal driven to a more customer centric approach.

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