• How to get the people ready?

    One of the often-ignored aspects of ensuring a data driven ecosystem is planning for people and culture. This includes communication of the overall vision, articulation of the strategy, defining and aligning KPI’s as well as training to all stakeholders. In this entire process, the most underestimated effort is change management. It is relatively simpler to change technology and systems but to get people to change their behaviour or habits is a fundamental challenge.

  • Technology typically only accounts for 20% of the change – the other 80% is down to process and people, and how you can get them ready for that change. MarTech and any strategy around that are only as good as the people you have in your team. Organisations must ensure that the people are trained, enabled and are accountable.

    The key steps in the process to empower people are:

    Create a MarTech vision for their enablement

    Create a common vision for MarTech enablement across organisational silos. Envision your MarTech enablement team as a unit, regardless of where each team member sits within the corporate structure. MarTech enablement is not a destination; it is a journey that will continue as long as there is work to do in the areas of customer engagement and as long as technology continues to evolve.

    Identify team roles and responsibilties

    In today’s tech powered world, marketers need to be able to appreciate and understand multiple areas like database management, automation, predictive modelling, and testing. It can be counterproductive to just onboard a few tech experts onto your marketing team without explaining to them the role they are expected to play. A better approach is to upskill your existing team and add complementary technical skills with a clearly defined job description.

    Who, where, what? Filing the roles with individuals

    Now that the roles and responsibilities exercise is complete, the next step is to examine your existing staff and partners and how they align with the established structure. With the metamorphosis that has transpired in marketing over the past few years, most, if not all, of your existing staff will have an understanding of the influence that MarTech has on marketing and the importance of being agile as the team transitions. Although many of the roles in your team — both core and specialist — will be a part of your staff, it is normal for a MarTech enablement team to be made up of both inside and outside help. A good MarTech enablement company can provide strategic support for kicking off and continuing to mature your MarTech initiatives, as well as tactical specialist support during execution.

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