• The Marketer of 2030

    Unlike the traditional right brained marketers of the past, the marketer of 2030 will be someone with a very good understanding of data, technology and digital. They will also be able to understand the interlinkages between these and how they fit together. They will be data driven with almost all decisions being backed by analysis. Some of the emerging trends that will define the Marketer of 2030 are -

    1. Data at the centre of decision making:
    The marketing of 2030 will be heavily driven by AI and ML based decision making. Data driven insights will take out the guesswork from most of the customer engagements, which will be more consistent and less intrusive. Marketers of 2030 will have at their disposal a complete snapshot of customer journey that will enable them to create individual marketing programs for each customer. It will be a true era of n=1 customer engagement.
    2. Technology driven personal and real time data:
    The marketers of next decade will have fully capable IoT network that will form an essential part of the customer journey. Data from this network combined with customer data will also enable them in taking right decisions at the right time. Another technology that will play a big role in the next decade will be wearables, and real time data from these will help marketers hyper-customise the engagement for each customer. From smart watches to smart refrigerators to smart toothbrushes and smart coffee makers – every one of them will provide an opportunity to improve the customer experience. Technology will help marketers with not just a clearer picture of the consumer’s journey, but also with ability to understand how products are being used, which features are most relevant, how the brand fits into the connected devices ecosystem, and more importantly what are the other products and services that can be sold. Connected devices will change the role of marketing. Marketers will have to evolve as people, devices and digital infrastructure gets connected.
    3. NLP:
    Voice and text will play a key role in augmenting the marketing of tomorrow, as voice search capabilities with Natural Language Processing is becoming one of the most preferred customer engagement channels.
  • 4. AR and VR:
    Another area of focus will be Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance the overall customer experience.
    5. Security and Privacy:
    The global privacy and identity regulations will also play an important role in designing marketing and consumer interactions of 2030.
    In all, the marketer of 2030 will be successfully deploying technology to create a seamless customer experience over the entire customer journey and one that is personal and effective. Future brand marketing and customer service strategies will need to account for virtual digital assistants making purchase decisions and will require new methods of discovery and persuasion. Finally, the brand’s purpose-driven transparency and stewardship will become more important to consumers and will play an important role in decision making.
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