• Hyper Personalisation

    While personalisation is a way of customer interaction, marketers today have at their disposal data on hundreds of customer attributes and behavioural signals collected from multiple sources almost in real-time. With this understanding and by using these data sources, marketers can customise their offering to uniquely tailored engagements at an individual level. This is the age of Hyper personalisation. Here marketers have capabilities to see consumers as individuals and help cut the noise with truly customised messages and offerings.

    This can be accomplished through a well-integrated architecture of multiple tools and processes. This involves

    Consumer Behaviour today is heavily influenced by reviews, user generated content and influencers. Brands endeavour to stand out and get noticed by providing highly targeted, customized and hyper personalised experiences. Hyper personalisation is a more advanced next step to personalised marketing where it leverages behavioural and real-time data to create highly contextual communication that is relevant to the consumer.

    Today, with the help of technology, every customer interaction can be personalised. When a customer logs onto a webpage or an app, the entire page is personalised based on customer demographic and behaviour data. Starting with what the customer is looking for and showcasing the most appropriate content tailor-made to their preference to the analytical model driven suggestions for the next best product, the customer interaction is customised to deliver an enhanced and personalised session. Even after the customer closes the page, the post session communication can be continued. For example, a personalised link that can take the customer back to where they left off in the last transaction or a customised offer on a product that they were interested in but left them in the cart. The entire journey is personalised as the customer moves and interacts with the brand. By effectively leveraging the power of data, marketers can establish an accurate and reliable predictive foundation for multi-channel engagement based on historical customer behaviour, actions, and inactions. Intelligent human intervention will help marketers recognize and appropriately harness the hidden patterns and trends facilitated by this technology.

  • The Benefits of Hyper Personalisation:

    Personalisation helps customer in their buying journey by presenting relevant information and recommendations at the right time through right channel. It helps in delivering better customer experience by reducing clutter and making a meaningful engagement between the brand and the customer. Done right, it can drive trust, loyalty and lifetime value of the customer.

    The benefits of Hyper Personalisation include

    Personalised engagement for each customer in real-time, at scale

    Data driven more accurate decision making to lower the marketing risk

    Improved communication relevancy for each customer

    Boost in ROI and Revenues

    Personalisation across all digital touchpoints to give omnichannel experience

    Increased customer stickiness and customer satisfaction

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