• Why do MarTech failures happen?

    Lack of cross Organisation Alignment

    Lack of communication between technical people and business has been a challenge. The IT and business intelligence departments often work in isolation. The tech and analytics teams often see themselves as a service provider to the marketing team and they need to align with the common business goals. It is also common that decisions are made by senior management and the execution team gets involved only at a later stage. Involving key stakeholders right in the beginning will ensure organisation alignment.

    Lack of skills

    In today’s tech powered world, marketers need to be able to appreciate and understand multiple areas like database management, automation, predictive modelling, and testing. It can be counterproductive to just onboard a few tech experts onto your marketing team without explaining to them the role they are expected to play. A better approach is to upskill your existing team and add complementary technical skills with a clearly defined job description.

    Red Tape

    Any new implementation requires redefinition of business rules and processes. This is where often things get stuck because most department heads think it requires too much effort to incorporate process changes. A clear MarTech strategy with a cross functional team including CMO, CIO, CDO, CISO and COO is critical to ensure the loose ends are tied and organisations can extract value from their MarTech investments.

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