• The Paradox of Choice

    The MarTech landscape and available tools continue to grow at a phenomenal pace. Brands are struggling to find the right stack due to a variety of reasons -

    It is possible that the technologies that might be optimal from an efficiency or scalability point of view may not necessarily be the ones that provide the best-connected customer experience. With so many tools, brands need to understand this very important trade-off. Trying to build an ecosystem without an overall strategy could lead to a MarTech overload, with a plethora of tools, but only a few being utilized to its potential.

    Different organisations are at different levels of maturity in their MarTech journey, and it is imperative for them to understand their current maturity through the lens of multiple areas like Customer Strategy, Analytics, Data, Campaigns, Digital, Technology and so on. From creating a unified Customer Single View, leveraging dark data, converting unstructured data into a structured form, creating an automated platform for campaign intelligence, and leveraging digital insights real-time, there are plenty of things to be done. Getting into each of these areas at a micro level enables marketers to get a realistic assessment of where they stand and understand their strength areas and gaps.

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